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Hive Tutorial
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Hive Tutorial

Apache Hive is a data warehouse infrastructure built on top of Hadoop for providing data summarization, query, and analysis.

What hive tutorial covers

Hive Overview : Overview of Big Data and Hive, introduces the evolution of big data, the Hadoop ecosystem, and Hive. You will also learn the Hive architecture and the advantages of using Hive in big data analysis.

Hive Data Types tutorial : Introduces the hive basic data types, Primitive Data Types, Collection Data Types or Complex Data types

Hive Create Database tutorial : Create the database in hive, Show database in hive, Describe the database in hive, Use the database in hive

Hive Drop Database tutorial : Drop the empty database in hive, Drop the database with CASCADE in hive

Hive Create Table tutorial : Create the internal table in hive, Create the external table in hive, Create the table as select in hive, Create Empty tables use CTAS in hive, Create Empty tables use LIKE in hive

Hive Alter Table tutorial : Alter the tables statements to rename the table in hive, Alter the tables properties, such as comments in hive, Alter the tables delimiter through SERDEPROPERTIES in hive, Alter the tables file format in hive, Alter the tables location, which must be a full URI of HDFS in hive, Alter the tables concatenation to merge small files into larger files in hive, Alter the columns data type in hive table, Alter the column type and order in hive table, Add or replace columns in hive table

Hive Drop Table tutorial : Drop Table in Hive, Truncate Table in Hive

Hive Partitions tutorial : Create partitions when creating tables in hive, Load data to the partition in hive

Hive Buckets tutorial : Create a bucket table in hive, Bucket numbers in hive.