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Agile Model

Agile Model or Extreme programming

  • In This Model Requirements Will be Given to the Tester First and Later to the Developer. 
  • Tester Prepare test Prefer ability Automation Test , Soon After a Requirement is Developed. 
  • Then test it with the help of already Prepared Test Cases immediately . Based on tester feedback Developer
  • Modify the Requirements if Needed. Then it will be given to the Customer For User Acceptance Testing.

Rules framed for agile process

  • There should be a build deployed for testing from 1 day to max of 4 weeks.
  • Every single feature implemented should be  tested, if approved only the new implementation should be carried out.
  • Team size should be often between 2 to 6.
  • The development and test teams should be closely associated and should be effective communication between the teams.

Advantages of Agile Model

  • Very widely used in products or multiple release applications.
  • Probability of high quality software, due to rigorous testing and effective defect
  • removal at the initial stages of the implementation.

Disadvantages of Agile Model

  • It is tidies job to perform.
  • Very strict deadlines and should be met.
  • No chance of proper documentation, due to strict targets (dead Lines).
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