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Prototype Model

Prototype Model

It is structure or the static images or screens which are developed with one or tow features implemented.

  • This is also an iterative model
  • The prototypes developed by the vendor's team.
  • After the feasibility and requirement collection, there would be a prototype developed and it should be evaluated by the customer, if customer approves the prototype, then actual software will be implemented, tested and released to the customer, else the prototype should be redesigned and it should be evaluated by the customer again,This is a continuous process.

Advantages of Prototype Model

  • Probability of high quality software as there would be customer interaction with the software before it is constructed.
  • Accepts dynamic requirements.
  • Supports both projects and products.

Project:  If You Develop an software Application According to a Client Requirements That Application is Called Project .

Product :  If You Develop a software Application According to Market Requirements That Application is Called Product.

Disadvantages of Prototype Model

  • Might be expensive in designing multiple prototypes.
  • Time consuming factor if multiple prototypes have to be designed.
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