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Waterfall Model

Waterfall Model:

It is also called as linear sequential model, which was proposed by "royce" in 1970s'



Requirements Gathering And Analysis (BRS , SRS , FRS )

Business Analyst

Planning (Project Planning & Test Planning )

PM / PL or TM / TL

Design( HLD & LLD )

System Analyst

Coding( SW-Application )


Testing( Bug Tracking & Reporting )

Test Engineer

Delivery & Maintenance

 Production Support Team


All the stages in waterfall model are independent, every stage will commence only after Its previous stage is completed and there is no overlapping between the stages. Testing starts only after coding is completed.

Advantages of Waterfall model :

  • It is simple and easy to maintain
  • It is less expensive
  • It Works well if the requirements are static.

Disadvantages of Waterfall model :

  • It will not support large applications and the dynamic requirements.
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